Saturday, April 14, 2012

♥ Lets Make Research

Just blog walking untuk cari baju baju for work
Then i found this famous blogshop selling tops like mine which is exactly same
and i bought this top at TS (Times Square)
what make me shocked adalah the price
like almost triple from what i purchased from mall
if i do like! good money huh?
fyi i am not telling this because i want to promote my blogshop or what but c'mon no need to be like this
the price is too high
yes i know its your blogshop i dont have any hak to interfere that right
but this is obviously lesson for us right
so after this if nak shopping online, please survey the price first okay
sometimes famous blog doesn't mean its worth for you to purchase from them even it is very expensive
because the items is all the same
so let survey! :)

this is the top

p/s baju ni saya macam dah lama tak pakai. just pakai 2-3 kali je. so sape nak beli bagitaw eh :)

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