Friday, October 15, 2010

♥ Facade

recently my entry sume pasal merungut rungut..
mengeluh ngeluh..
memang nak merungut 24/7..
sebab nye sebab nye..
saya dah fadup..
sangat sangat..
memang la memang la..
memangla skang banyak vacancies..
like bersepah sepah..
tapi saya memang fadup..
especially for go*..
isi form tak payah cakap la..
mostly advertisement yang kuar sume isi form..
but satu pun tak dapat..
tak payah cakap nak dapat,interview pun tak panggil..
i do know what is the problem actually..
and do you guys know that mostly people i meet during the interview said,no need to wait for the go*..
just wasting your time..
students yang already graduated bertahun tahun plus with a good qualification pun tak pernah dapat interview..
sometimes if dapat pun just got the interview and then first stage tak lepas..
but seriously most of them keep merungut and protes because they said if you want to work under go* sector you need 'orang dalam'..
if not just keep your dream as a dream..
frankly,not fair huh?
for me this is corny and lame..
and 1 more thing that i've heard,ususally if they have any vacancies they will ask their staffs first then baru dorang akan open to public..
so this entry just to luah an perasaan yang terpendam oleh saya dan kawan kawan saya yang hanya diterima di sektor swasta..

p/s:wish me luck for my interview next week..cant wait nak berhenti keje..tak larat nak layan customer dah..:)

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