Thursday, September 23, 2010

♥ What A Life.....

I just hate when i cant decide what is the best for myself.i just duno what is the best for me..what is the perfect things that completely can complete me.huh its soo annoying when i cant think and decide..and what i really really need..

First thing actually i duno its true or not that im not really into research anymore or i just get cloudy with the job vacancies which offer more in business,management and something like that.i already browse jobs under my degree qualification,its also a lot but im not really interested with the position and job responsibilities which is mostly working in the lab and doing it is,actually i love working in the office and meet people rather than working in lab,meeting and talking with the all the apparatus and chemicals.haih why i do not realize about this earlier.if i did maybe i can apply for the course that i really interested.i still remember when i filled the form for degree i just click here and there without thinking about what im interested and without thinking bout the future.its pathetic when i recall.why?i duno..i duno what im thinking that now,since i working and always observing for the job vacancies i just got this feeling where im not into research not sure this is the real feeling or just like mainan how can i search for the truth?i just duno.maybe i need a counselor to hear everything bout what is going who’s gonna be my counselor?just put ur hands up..:)

okay 1 more thing,right now i still dont get a job which suitable with my degree.i feel like giving up to fill the form again and again.give up okay!especially for government..for swasta at least i got some interviews and jobs,but government,none and never kot!huh!but unfortunately i need to reject the position even though executive post.actually my family do not allowed me this post is 70% outdoor.they worried im travel by my own with P i need to reject that.even i got a job at IGB,a big company okayyy,i also need to reject that because its located at midvalley city and its too far from my house at shah alam.jauh okay.nak drive sorang sorang..naek train memang xnaklah sebab nanti confirm jadi i tolak that i just working as telephone operator cum customer service and i confused.its like rugi tak actually saya keje kat cni sebab its like not compatible with my degree.i duno its better for me to keje je or continue my master..thats the dilemma that i got..i envy with the ones who continue master right now.really really confused okay.because i got soo many it is..

++just continue master coz once u dah keje u will malas nak continue study..

++Keje dulu take some experiences coz employer nowdays sume nak experiences..(but kalu keje yang kite dapat sama sekali xsama ngan qualification kite or keje kite tu and sama sekali xmasuk dalam resume as experience camne lak?haih!)

++just keje dulu,nanti kalu dapat government dorang akan hantar untuk continue study..(okay tu if dapat government,if x???government tu its like mimpi je.ade orang yang dah grade berpuluh tahun pun xpenah kena panggil inteview.huh!)

so what is the best for me actually?I HAVE NO IDEA..


Tema Hitomi said...

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't."

-erica jong-

whatever it is, best of luck my fren!
i'll support u in wateve u've decided for urself as long as u know its da best thing for u~ =)

ainilavia said...

emmm..realy have no idea..:(

Tema Hitomi said...

go! go !
cari idea.. =)

ainilavia said...

idea pe???hahaha