Sunday, August 15, 2010

♥ I Love U Soo Much~

BestFreeDesign.Com border= awww tetibe blushing..heee~wah lame gler kot xupdate blog..nak update but cm malas coz theres lots of things dat i need to figure out..emmm today nothing interesting pn nk update..just thinking bout sumtix in my life...Sudenly diz thing cross my mind..n i started thinking...and i think its true..its all bot our parentz.parentz,since die ade anak,pe yg die wt,duit yg die cari sume utk anak die.xdek utk org anak2 once dh keje die xcari duit utk parentz but die cri duit utk dri die sndri..sgt dfferent i start thinking,if cmtu ble leh dpt balas my parentz pye jasa?emmm i hope i can do that..and pray to Allah to make sure saya xlupa jasa dorg..Amin~

ni mak abah yg sy sgt syg..terima kaseh sbb lahir an sy,jge sy n bg sy dpt ijazah..BestFreeDesign.Com border=

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Anonymous said...

ehem2.tumpang lalu.;p