Monday, June 28, 2010

♥ Orang Muda 2010

Last Friday pegi youth’10 wif my cousin yaya..shes d only 1 yg sgt ske teman sy..hee~so sy syg die la…J b4 pegi tu dh lme gler plan coz even die cm besh gler n cm havoc an coz slalu di war2 an d media im interested la then sign up kt web die for free passes..heee~free spe tanak an.then arinye pn tibe..on dat day im dcided to drive there by myself even I noe jln sure jam gler coz at d same day is wesak day.but its beter than berasak cm nk gler naek train an..da la lmbta cm siput..foreigner rmai mengalah an mls..bau mcm2..haih juz want to avoid dat kind of scenes..then smpai kt pwtc of coz la rmai gle xsume youth pn..:p then pegi register bla bla bla, then masuk..gler byak both n org xpyhla ckp la an..but then xpegi sume booth pn..of coz la an gler nk g sume ngn org yg rmai tu..heee~but then booth yg sy pegi yg kat bazaar site..mestila kna pegi..rugi kot xpegi..then,its shooping time..yehaa!~so bli la pape yg patot plus mata rambang smpai xtw nk beli yg mne..well bese la pompuan…if xrambang mata myb its sumtix wrong somewhere..hee ske ati je an.. dh abes shoping sy pn blk..then sy drive dengan tersenyum dan sgt gumbira d dalam ati..yes its true.shoping is my best medicine..:)kt bwah ni ade ade sedikit sedikit je pic sy dattime..heee~

ni adalah cop sirim dr youth'10..spe tade no entry k..:)

abg pegang dslr:adik meh la amek gmba..nant nk letak kt wall blakang tu..
me:owh yeke..ok2..(cm artis kunun..haha)

well acara red carpet ye!red carpet la sgt..:p lak gmba sy ngn blue bear..:)

diz is d reason y im going to youth'10..:)

asl gmba ni kecik?its call art..:D

conclusionnye youth'10 memg terbaek coz its like 1 malaysia we gather together gether..heee~btw datz all for diz time..see ya!:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

♥ Haih kuasa 3 :)

ok ok ok and blog now is under construction..chaos huh?absolutely and definitely yes..heee~ this is due to HECTIC LIFE DISORDER since routine activity changed...owh whatever..ok see you all then..daaa~