Wednesday, March 3, 2010

♥ G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L

huh feel release ckit today..coz dh jmpe dr chuah n asked everything dat im confused wif..even yg remeh temeh gle pn dh tye die..heee~btw thanks dr chuah coz wiling to xplen to me even im quite lam** bot smtix like diz..*smile*...hes very supportive act even due date yg die suh submit draft dh lepas,but hes stil trying to help me..suposed b4 due date g sebok2 tye die afta due date bru nk g tye mcm2..leh x?*laugh*..ske ati je an...n td pn a litle bit terharu ngn die coz willing to teach me even lunch hour coz ive told him a got clas..=,= well i noe im d person who always terharu ngn bnde2 kecik neh even bnde tu xsepatutnya d terharukan..heeee~walau ape pn THANX dr chuah n jmpe lg pd ari isnin k..V(^_^)V

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